Smartest Doc: Rules and Guidelines

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About the game

Every day, a new question will be published in each of our specialty games. Questions are designed to test your clinical knowledge and keep you updated on the latest medical literature and hot topics.

Answer the most daily questions correctly in the fastest time to earn points, climb the leaderboard, and win prizes. If you miss a day or two, don’t worry! You can still catch up and win the monthly prize drawing. More details below!


Scores are time-based and calculated every time you play. Note that points are only awarded on the day that the question is published — the scoring period ends at midnight EST.

You can earn a maximum of 100 points for each daily question:

  • Earn 40 base points by answering a question correctly on the day it’s published.

  • Score one point for every second remaining on the bonus clock- up to 60 points total.

In other words, players in good standing who accurately answer the most daily questions in the shortest amount of time will earn the most points and climb the leaderboard.

Make sure you sign up or log in to your MDLinx account to log your points and track towards prizes!

How to win

Each month, prizes are awarded to:

  1. The top three US-based scorers with verified MDLinx accounts in each specialty game.

  2. All eligible players who correctly answer at least 20 questions at any time throughout the calendar month are automatically entered for a chance to win the Smartest Doc monthly prize drawing. One randomly chosen winner will win the prize.

Trivia is not eligible for prizes.

Check out our monthly winners page to see who placed in the top 3 in the specialty games last month!

See MDLinx Smartest Doc Challenge Official Rules for complete rules and regulations.

Fair play policy

To keep the game enjoyable for everyone and to maintain an even playing field, the rules are simple:

  1. Any registered user, regardless of specialty or profession, may play any specialty quiz and compete against other players.

  2. Playing the same specialty quiz multiple times or using different accounts, even when done accidentally, will trigger system alerts that may cause your account to be suspended. Evidence of cheating or quiz tampering will result in your ineligibility to compete.

  3. Do not collaborate on competitive quizzes. Rankings are earned and tabulated per individual player. Evidence of group collaboration may result in the suspension of all players involved.

How to play "Trivia"

Test the limits of your historical, medical, and anatomical knowledge with hundreds of medical trivia questions. New questions are added each week. Although there is no scoring associated with trivia, you do win bragging rights for every question you get right.

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