Predictors of HIV virological failure and drug resistance in Chinese patients after 48 months of antiretroviral treatment, 2008-2012: A prospective cohort study

BMJ Open | September 13, 2017

Kan W, et al. - This study encompassed the analysis of the factors related to HIV virological failure (VF) and HIV drug resistance (HIVDR) among HIV-positive Chinese individuals 4 years, following the initiation of first-line lamivudine-based antiretroviral treatment (ART) in 2008 at five sentinel sites. The data displayed successful therapeutic outcomes at 4 years for around 90% of patients. An advanced research was recommended on whether and when to change ART regimen for women initiated with D4T-based regimen, and reinforcing adherence counselling for men. Increased VF and HIVDR risk among non-Han minorities were yet to be explored. The ethnic minorities could serve as a vital group to tailor adherence-focused interventions.

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