Postprandial high resolution impedance manometry identifies mechanisms of non-response to proton pump inhibitors

Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology | September 13, 2017

Yadlapati R, et al. - This research aspired to examine the distribution of postprandial profiles determined by postprandial high-resolution impedance manometry (PP-HRIM), and identified patient features associated with postprandial profiles among patients with non-response to proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). The physicians detected an abnormal post-prandial pattern in 76% of cases, in a retrospective analysis of 94 non-responders to PPI therapy assessed by PP-HRIM: out of these, 42% were characterized as supragastric belching, 20% as rumination, and 14% as reflux only. Among groups, age, esophagogastric junction contractility, impedance-pH profiles, and symptom presentation differed significantly. To evaluate mechanisms of PPI non-response, PP-HRIM could be used in the clinic.

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