Characteristics of migraine visual aura in southern brazil and northern USA

CephalalgiaQueiroz LP et al. | November 30, 2011

Migraine visual aura is heterogeneous and pleomorphic, and some of the findings run contrary to common beliefs.


  • Authors performed a retrospective, descriptive study of the visual aura of 122 migraine patients collected at two headache clinics in the Americas.
  • This study was designed to determine the characteristics of a typical visual aura.


  • The most common features of the visual aura in this study are that it occurs before the headache with a gap of less than 30 minutes, lasts 5 to 30 minutes, has a gradual onset, usually begins peripherally, is unilateral, and shimmers.
  • Furthermore, the location of typical visual aura in the visual field has no fixed relationship to headache laterality, is slightly more often without color, and is often described as small bright dots and zigzag lines.
  • Blurred vision, not typically considered to be an aura phenomenon of cortical origin, is in fact the most frequently reported visual symptom.

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