Relationship between anemia and sudden cardiac death in patients with severe aortic stenosis

By Ducharme-Smith A, Chahal CAA, Sawatari H, et al
Published September 15, 2020

Key Takeaways

Researchers used the Mayo Clinic AS (aortic stenosis) database, to investigate the prognostic implications between anemia and sudden cardiac death (SCD) in severe AS. The National Death Index was used to determine survival and cause of death. Medical records were studied to ascertain SCD. After eliminating patients with multiple valvular abnormalities, there were 7,292 individuals included. The frequency of anemia was identified to be 40%. Overall, experts found that patients with severe AS commonly developed anemia. In these patients, there was an independent correlation of anemia with increased all-cause death and SCD. Besides, anemia was suggested to possibly be a valuable prognostic marker as well as a modifiable treatment target in managing patients suffering from severe AS.

Read the full article on The American Journal of Cardiology.

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