Outcomes in medicare advantage vs fee-for-service medicare patients hospitalized with heart failure

By Figueroa JF, Wadhera RK, Frakt AB, et al
Published September 2, 2020

Key Takeaways

An observational, retrospective cohort study was performed to ascertain if there are variations in the quality of care received and in-hospital outcomes among patients enrolled in Medicare Advantage (MA) vs fee-for-service (FFS) Medicare. Researchers enrolled 93,549 (35.6%) in MA and 169, 077 (64.4%) in FFS Medicare, out of 262,626 patients hospitalized with heart failure. There was no observable benefit in quality of care or in-hospital mortality between those enrolled in MA vs FFS Medicare, except lower use of post-acute care facilities among patients hospitalized with heart failure. As MA continues to grow, in comparison with traditional FFS Medicare, it will be important to ensure that participating private plans provide an added value to the patients they cover to justify the higher administrative costs.

Read the full article on JAMA.

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