Effects of acute and chronic depression on 12‐year long‐term outcomes after stroke

By Lee EH, Kim JW, Kang HJ, et al
Published July 7, 2021

Key Takeaways

Researchers aimed at determining the association of, if any, acute and chronic poststroke depression (PSD) with cardio-cerebrovascular events (CVEs). Among a total of 423 recruited patients with recent stroke, major or minor depressive disorder was diagnosed during the acute phase (within 2 weeks) after stroke. The same diagnostic evaluation was completed by 284 of these patients during the chronic phase (1 year) after stroke. Patients with acute or chronic PSD had higher composite CVE incidence than those without acute or chronic PSD. Per findings, long-term cardio-cerebrovascular outcomes are more frequently worse in the presence of depression at acute and chronic phase of stroke. Hence, researchers recommend that PSD should be evaluated during both the acute and chronic phases.

Read the full article on International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.

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