Characteristics of peripheral blood differential counts in hospitalized patients with COVID‐19

By Pakos IS, Lo KB, Salacup G, et al
Published September 21, 2020

Key Takeaways

The study was carried out to assess the variation in complete blood count parameters and differential counts in patients hospitalized with COVID‐19 who survived compared to those who died. A single‐center retrospective study was conducted to include a total of 242 patients with confirmed COVID‐19. Researchers presented the characteristics of the complete blood count parameters in these patients. Researchers applied the Mann‐Whitney U test to compare hematologic parameters of patients who died and those who survived; multivariate logistic regression was applied to look for associations with mortality. It was shown that a lower absolute monocyte count and higher NLR are correlated with higher mortality, among patients with COVID‐19.

Read the full article on European Journal of Haematology.

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