Association of COVID‐19 with skin diseases and relevant biologics: A cross‐sectional study using nationwide claim data in South Korea

By Cho SI
Published September 3, 2020

Key Takeaways

Through analyzing a nationwide claim dataset relevant to coronavirus disease (COVID‐19) in South Korea, researchers intended to determine if there is a connection between COVID‐19 and skin diseases or biologics. This dataset comprised insurance claim data prior to and during COVID‐19 treatment and clinical outcomes. The dataset comprised a total of 234,427 (M/F: 111,947/122,480) individuals who had undergone COVID‐19 testing. Seven thousand five hundred ninety (3.2%) of them were confirmed as COVID‐19 (+) and 227 (3.0%) confirmed patients died. According to findings, underlying skin diseases did not seem to increase COVID-19 susceptibility or COVID-19 mortality. During the COVID‐19 pandemic, biologics for dermatological conditions could be used continuously taking into account the risks and benefits.

Read the full article on British Journal of Dermatology.

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