A pediatric diabetes toolbox for creating centres of reference

Pediatric Diabetes | September 10, 2012

Lange K et al. – Harmonizing and integrating these materials into quality assured structured holistic national education programs will be an important future task for the ongoing SWEET project. A comprehensive European diabetes educational toolbox is aimed to be published and continuously updated on the SWEET website.


  • On the basis of a structured survey among the European SWEET members information on established tools and programs in national languages were analyzed using an extensive literature and desk search.
  • These were differentiated according to five age-groups and five target groups (young people with diabetes, parents, and other close relations, carers in school and nursery, and healthcare professionals).


  • Responses and original tools were received from 11 SWEET countries reflecting the European status in 2011.
  • More or less structured information for parents, close relations, and carers in school or nursery are available in all 11 participating countries.
  • However, only two countries followed the recommendations of having published a structured, curriculum lead, and evaluated program for different age-groups and carers.
  • One of these was evaluated nationwide and funded by the respective National Health Care System after accreditation. In addition a huge variety of creative tools, e.g., booklets, leaflets, games, videos, and material for educating children of different age-groups and their parents are available – but most of them are not linked to a structured education program.

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