Validity and generalizability of the Withdrawal Assessment Tool-1 (WAT-1) for monitoring iatrogenic withdrawal syndrome in pediatric patients

PainFranck LS et al. | November 18, 2011

Supporting construct validity, cumulative opioid exposures were greater [40.2 (19.7–83.4) vs 17.6 (14.6–39.7)mg/kg, P=.004], length of opioid treatment before weaning was longer [7 (6–11) vs 5 (5–8)days, P=.004], and length of weaning from opioids was longer [10 (6–14) vs 6 (3–9)days, P=.008] in subjects with WAT–1 scores of 3 compared to subjects with WAT–1 scores of <3. The WAT–1 shows good psychometric performance and generalizability when used to assess clinically important withdrawal symptoms in pediatric intensive care and general ward settings.

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