Advanced ECG Interpretation Boot Camp


Medicus of Houston offers a 4-day, intense immersion course in the advanced interpretation of 12-lead ECGs. Classes presented in the US are strictly limited to just ten participants! This means ample time to ask any questions and receive individual attention.

  • Learn the subtlest signs of acute myocardial infarctions and be introduced to concepts such as the conductible interval, concealed conduction and gap phenomenon.
  • Study atypical presentations of Mobitz I block, the subtle signs of right ventricular overload and acute cor pulmonale, how to recognize hyperkalemia without the tall, peaked T waves and the atypical presentations of chamber enlargement.
  • Acquire the skills to rapidly determine mean axes in three dimensions, differentiate the types of narrow and wide complex tachycardias and differentiate AV dissociation caused by complete heart block from all other forms of AV dissociation.
As in all events sponsored by Medicus of Houston, you are a participant - not an audience!

28.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ - maximum


May 16-19, 2017


Houston, Texas 77027, United States