Need gifts, STAT? The doctor’s guide for gift ideas

By Mary Ellen Lewis, for MDLinx
Published November 30, 2018

Key Takeaways

Doctors of all stripes heave a collective sigh each holiday season as they anticipate overtime and demanding patients, while those in other professions relish an annual rest. Amid the chaos, choosing gifts for your colleagues or team is a task often left until the last minute.

Fear not, doc—we've got you covered.

Whether you're looking to contribute to a departmental gift exchange or purchase something thoughtful for staff at your private practice, options abound. Keep reading for some inspiration for everyone on your list.

Group Gift Exchanges

Secret Santas and the like may relieve the burden of finding gifts for multiple people, but this comes at the cost of potentially drawing the name of a colleague you don't know very well. These crowd-pleasers will delight their recipients, keep you within budget, and help you avoid the title of Worst Gift Giver of 2018.

Overnight Shift Fuel Supply

Funny Mug,

Gourmet Coffee,

There are many things that divide Americans, but two things are certain: Most drink coffee, and most drink it from a cup. This mug and coffee sampler pairing works for every kind of medical professional.

Patient Survival Kit: Wine Accessories

Stemless Wine Glass,

All in One Wine Accessory Set,

While this may not be a viable option for teetotalers, many adults would be more than happy to unwrap an alcohol-centric tool box that celebrates their interests and profession with a healthy dose of humor.

Consider the Patient Survival Kit, perhaps paired with a moderately priced bottle of wine, but be sure to feel out the situation to avoid an HR faux paus.

One for the Team

For those who head their own small practices, the familiar pressure of finding a neutral gift for the whole office should be starting right about now. These next choices are great on their own, or as part of a holiday goody bag for your hardworking team.

Cool Pens

Cool Pens,

These super-cute and useful pen packs will solve your practice's pen-swiping problem and give everyone something to smile at while they fill out charts.

Water Bottles

Water Bottles,

Practice what you preach and resolve to keep your staff hydrated in the new year. The different color options won't only prevent accidental swapping, but allow for some personalization.

Skin Care Set

Skin Care Set,

Your staff gives you the gift of upholding cleanliness standards year-round, so return the favor with this gender-neutral healing lip and hands set.

Stress-Relief Kit

A Year of Color,

Colored Pencils,

Magnet Building Toys,

You're not the only one feeling the holiday intensity around the office, so give your staff a thoughtful set for decompressing.

For Nurses & Physician Assistants

Notebook and Pen

Notebook and Pen,

This vintage-style notebook and pen combo is a perfect place for your staff to jot down daily work notes or take out into the world and finish that poem they've been working on.

Badge Clips

Badge Clips,

These customizable badge clips are as fun as they are practical, and there are a variety of options for men and women.

Compression Socks

Compression Socks,

It's no secret that nurses are on their feet all day. This set of compression socks is gender neutral and gives a little nod to the profession.

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