MDLinx Exclusives: The latest insights about today's healthcare world

By MDLinx staff
Published January 4, 2023

Key Takeaways

Today's healthcare world is rapidly evolving—and so are the knowledge, behaviors, and attitudes of healthcare professionals nationwide.

MDLinx's exclusive reports aim to capture the latest insights from practicing physicians. We conduct regular surveys and analyze issues that affect modern medicine, practice, and more. Explore our latest below.

The unspoken crisis: Substances of abuse hiding in plain sight


A drug overdose epidemic continues to tighten its grip on the nation. While the opioid crisis is in the limelight, there are multiple other substances lurking in the shadows. They may not attract as much attention, but they contribute to the staggering number of overdoses nationwide.

We’re taking a critical look at the substances fueling the epidemic—from well-known drugs like fentanyl and fentanyl analogues to lesser-known emerging threats that toxicologists, psychiatrists, and other healthcare professionals are starting to flag with more regularity.

How has COVID affected their misuse? What are the latest treatment recommendations? Is there hope for improvement, and where is there potential for psychiatrists to help?

Read "The unspoken crisis: Substances of abuse hiding in plain sight" to explore these questions with us.

Stopping the bleed: The way forward on the physician shortage

Stop the bleeding Reg

The United States is currently facing a physician shortage that began in the early 2000s, but the COVID-19 pandemic pushed the floodgates wide open and caused a sizable number of physicians to leave clinical medicine. While some argue that this shortage is confined to certain specialties and areas, a solution is still needed.

Fifty physicians shared their opinions and experiences in a survey MDLinx commissioned through M3 Global Research, a leader in global healthcare research. The results shed light on a real-time crisis, and they quantify the impact of the shortage on those who practice, how they think this crisis can be solved, and what it all means for their compensation and retirement.

Check out "Stopping the bleed: The way forward on the physician shortage" to see what practicing physicians are saying—and feeling—about this topic.

The psychiatrists' report: The changing state of our own mental health


As the demand for mental health treatment soars alongside the ongoing physician shortage and an increase in physician burnout, what happens when the excess demand begins to take a toll on the experts? How are they responding, and to whom are they turning?

In a study commissioned through M3 Global Research, MDLinx surveyed today’s practicing psychiatrists to understand the personal challenges affecting their mental health, how they address them, and how the field of psychiatry is responding as a whole. 

Take a look to see what physicians are saying — and feeling — about the topic.

Read "The psychiatrists' report: The changing state of our own mental health."

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