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By MDLinx staff
Published January 5, 2023

Key Takeaways

It's time to shine a spotlight on the most meaningful conversations in medicine, from difficult situations, to women's health, patient perspectives, and more.

Each column is dedicated to a theme that matters to practicing healthcare pros and is written by doctors, nurses, and medical experts passionate about the topic. See what they have to say below.

Real Talk with Kristen Fuller, MD

Female doctors supporting each other

Welcome to Real Talk, a column dedicated to helping healthcare professionals navigate experiences that affect their mental and emotional health. Each week, Dr. Fuller normalizes difficult topics and supports HCPs through the realities they face—everything from coping with a patient's death to losing motivation, dating patients, working with drunk colleagues, and more.

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Caring During COVID


MDLinx's exclusive column, Caring During COVID, is dedicated to helping you comprehend and cope with one of the most confounding healthcare issues facing modern medicine.

COVID has escalated already high burnout rates, and for many, it has left psychological and emotional scars. Written by subject matter experts and healthcare professionals, this feature speaks directly to you—clinicians who are still facing the realities of the pandemic.

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Residency Roadmap

ADMIN2-Residency takes a toll tired sad residency doctor physician pensive thinking thoughtful

Residency isn’t easy—and it's not necessarily meant to be. Residency Roadmap helps residents navigate the many challenges they face at this crucially important stage of their career.

Each week, we deliver fresh content—much of it written by residents, for residents—aimed at helping survive and thrive during this demanding (but ultimately rewarding) chapter of life. We'll provide a roadmap of what you can expect to encounter, offering credible information, sensible guidance, and unique insights from physicians who have “been there.”

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Patient Perspectives

Depressed older woman

Patient Perspectives is designed to give clinicians an inside view of the patient experience. In these columns, real patients will share their medical journeys from their own point of view—giving practitioners unique insights to help them provide more personalized healthcare.

We hope to broaden clinicians’ horizons by providing first-hand stories and experiences, insights, lessons, and guidance—straight from the hearts and minds of those they treat.

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Medical Hot Potatoes

ADMIN2-stressed out doctor

Medical Hot Potatoes is an MDLinx exclusive series that delves into controversial topics that cross over medicine and politics, and covers them with an objective eye.

Increasingly, the intersection between medicine and politics is giving rise to thorny and divisive issues for clinicians—complicating their ability to provide necessary patient care without getting into legal or ethical trouble.

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Wellness Matters

Woman eating salad

Wellness Matters is an MDLinx exclusive series exploring nutrition, exercise, and overall wellness for both you and your patients.

Whether it’s dieting, vitamins and supplements, exercise, sleep, or the benefits of cannabis, today's patients are hungry for information. We’ll cover the trends and research so that you can have informed conversations and provide science-backed advice.

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Women in Medicine

Confident woman doctor

Women in Medicine is dedicated to supporting, empowering, and inspiring female clinicians as they navigate their medical careers.

In this series, we share personal perspectives from other women in medicine, offer credible guidance, and share skills for navigating their career.

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Women's Health Focus

Middle-aged contemplative looking woman

Women's Health Focus is a column designed to address one of the most dynamic, challenging—and yes, politically charged—areas of medical practice today.

In this series, we offer insights and practical guidance to support you in providing the comprehensive and personalized care that women need throughout their life stages.

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