Introducing "Wellness Matters," an MDLinx exclusive

By MDLinx staff
Published August 8, 2022

Key Takeaways

Dear readers,

The MDLinx team is excited to introduce Wellness Matters, an informative series investigating nutrition, exercise, and overall wellness for both you and your patients.

Today’s patients are interested in wellness and preventive medicine more than ever. Whether it’s dieting, vitamins and supplements, exercise, sleep, or the benefits of cannabis, they’re hungry for information. And while they often get their answers—for better or worse—from the internet, these topics also come up in the exam room.

In this column we’ll cover the trends and research that patients are consuming and that, depending on your specialty, experience, and interests, you may not be as familiar with, so that you can have informed conversations and provide science-backed advice.

Each Wellness Matters article aims to:

  • Break down various diets and nutrition trends and look at the science behind them.

  • Highlight new research on diet, exercise, and wellness.

  • Offer credible guidance that is relevant and actionable.

We hope you find this information useful for your own and your patients’ wellness journeys. Let us know which topics you’d like to see covered here.

All the best, The MDLinx Team

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