Introducing Residency Roadmap: An exclusive series 

By MDLinx staff
Published January 27, 2023

Key Takeaways

Welcome to Residency Roadmap, a new series created by MDLinx to help you navigate the many challenges you face at this crucially important stage of your career.

Residency isn’t easy—and it's not necessarily meant to be.

This “baptism of fire” is a stage of medical education that will push you to your limits, test your resolve, and require you to summon every bit of strength, endurance, and courage in your arsenal.

We’re here to help.

Each week, we'll deliver fresh content—much of it written by residents, for residents—aimed at helping you survive and thrive during this demanding (but ultimately rewarding) chapter of your life in medicine.

We'll provide a roadmap of what you can expect to encounter, offering credible information, sensible guidance, and unique insights from physicians who have “been there.”

In Residency Roadmap, we'll explore topics like:

  •  The things nobody told you about residency

  • Why residents drop out

  • Managing and preventing burnout

  • Financial hacks for surviving on a resident’s salary

  • The crucial role of mentors

  • Taking time off during residency

  • Achieving work-life balance

  • The differences between teaching, private practice, and hospital medicine

  • Maintaining personal relationships during residency

  • And more

It is our sincere hope that Residency Roadmap will be helpful to you professionally and personally as you embark on this journey of a lifetime! 

All the best,

The MDLinx Team

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