Don’t sleep on these early Amazon Prime Day deals

By Physician Sense
Published October 8, 2020

Key Takeaways

Halloween decorations may just be going up, but with Amazon Prime Day taking place Oct. 13-14, the holiday season kicks off a bit earlier this year. In fact, Amazon is gradually rolling out deals ahead of Prime Day(s), which you can purchase right now if you are a Prime member.

Typically, PhysicianSense editors advocate for frugality. Many up-and-coming physicians are debt burdened and living like a resident for a few years can have a major financial impact. But given everything doctors have been through lately with COVID-19, treating yourself (wisely) may be a good morale booster. Furthermore, doctors can mitigate some of the sticker shock by taking advantage of the sale prices. 

If you’re new to Amazon Prime Day, there are two things you need to know. First, you need to be a Prime Member to save. Not a Prime member? You’ve got a couple of options. You can pay the $119 annual fee, which gets you Prime purchases, as well as video streaming. Or, you can sign up for a free, 30-day trial and cancel as soon as you’re done shopping.

The other thing you need to know is that Amazon releases its best deals on Prime Day itself. Oct. 13-14 likely is when you’ll find good prices on electronics, appliances, and TVs, among others. Last year, for example, on Prime Day, you could pick up deeply discounted Instant Pots, fitness trackers, and headphones. Set a reminder on your calendar, or if there’s a specific deal that you’re after, use the Amazon app’s Watch This Deal function.

For the impatient and/or frugal, here’s what you can purchase right now.

Disclosure: The following post includes purchase recommendations and uses affiliate links to Amazon products, allowing us to receive commission for purchases. All suggestions are our own.

Home Electronics

Echo Dot Smart Speaker (3rd Gen): $49.99 $39.99

Busy physicians need convenient, time-saving devices. The Echo Dot can help streamline management of many of your internet-connected devices, freeing up time and mental bandwidth, both of which are in high demand at work.This isn’t the latest and greatest Echo Dot, but it will do what you need it to. The low-key design won’t look obnoxious on your end table either. Pepper this Alexa-equipped speaker with annoying questions or use it for more practical purposes, like controlling multiple music services or smart appliances. Concerned about privacy? You can shut the microphone off. 

Toshiba 55-inch 4K UHD TV – Fire TV: $449.99 $299.99

It can’t be all work all the time, doctor. Mental and physical recovery are essential for optimal medical practice. Are we saying this TV will make you a better doctor? No. But it will certainly encourage you to slow down and relax a bit. Binge watch your late-shift blues away. Since it’s Fire-equipped, you’ll have no trouble streaming content from your phone or other devices. And of course, it works fine with your grandparents’ old fashioned over-the-air television. With 4K resolution, you’ll be able to savor the fine grain of George Clooney’s facial stubble.

Blink Mini Security Camera: $34.99 $24.99

If you’re an established physician, you probably have a nice home with some quality stuff in it. That may make you a target for burglary. A security camera might give you some peace of mind while you’re away from home. You can use this to keep your new TV safe. And your family, too. Don’t forget about them. This indoor camera lets you monitor audio and video and will push motion alerts to your smartphone. A great way to keep an eye on your pets while you’re at work. This camera integrates with Alexa and will pair with the Echo Dot mentioned above. 

Shark ION Robot Vacuum: $219.99 $149.99

Scenario A: You come home after a hard day of saving lives and use voice control on your Echo Dot to turn on your new TV. A handsome Doug Ross is working a difficult case on ER. You sink into the couch and unwind. Or, Scenario B: You come home after a hard day saving lives and remember you have to vacuum. You drag out the old sucker only to realize it hasn’t been emptied in 4 months. You attempt to do so and dump dust and pet hair all over the floor. To avoid Scenario B, you might want to purchase the robot vacuum mentioned above. Start and stop cleaning from your phone, or have Alexa take care of it for you. Want to buy happiness, doctor? Buy something that frees up your time, research shows.

Personal Electronics

Kindle Paperwhite Bundle: $189.97 $169.97

It can’t all be mindless entertainment. After you’ve logged an hour in front of your new TV, perhaps pick up an e-book. We love the Kindle. The display is far more readable than any smartphone or tablet. Plus, you can shut off the backlight function to eliminate sleep-disrupting blue light for night reading. The highlight function is also a game changer. After you’re done reading, you can send yourself all of your highlights in an email. For teaching physicians, no more digging back through mountains of books looking for supporting evidence. This bundle comes with a leather cover and power adapter.

6 Months of Kindle Unlimited$55.94 $29.97

Kindle unlimited gives you access to more than 1 million titles and audiobooks. Forget your Kindle at home? No big deal. Use the app on any smart device to browse this digital Library of Alexandria. Subscribers also have access to many popular magazine titles. Price goes up to $99 monthly after the 6-month period.

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