Best medical podcasts of 2022

By Kristen Fuller, MD | Fact-checked by Barbara Bekiesz
Published December 14, 2022

Key Takeaways

  • Regardless of a physician’s medical specialty or where they are in their medical career, podcasts can be a helpful, entertaining tool to help them navigate their career as a doctor.

  • Medical podcasts are a great tool to listen to during long commutes or travel, regardless of one’s transportation mode. They are also fun to listen to during a long run or exercise routine.

  • From professional improvement and finances to medical knowledge and interesting cases, these five podcasts may shed light on important issues while giving doctors some laughs.

Medical podcasts can be extremely useful for busy, on-the-go, self-starter physicians who want to increase their knowledge on a variety of topics, such as marketing, bedside medicine, business strategies, or board exam prep.

Podcasts are great to listen to during long commutes or travel, regardless of the mode of transportation. Medical podcasts for physicians can cover health and wellness, physician entrepreneurship, running a practice, research, healthcare IT, patient stories, medical board prep, and more.

Here is a roundup of the best medical podcasts of 2022.

Docs Outside the Box

Docs Outside the Box is a fun mixture of medicine, finances, and pop culture. Trauma surgeon Nii Darko, DO, MBA, FACS, and his wife and occasional co-host, Renée Volny Darko, DO, MBA, FACOG, an OB/GYN and medical school recruiter, talk about paying off their medical school student loans, the importance of side hustles in medicine, and other opportunities besides working in an outpatient clinic or hospital.

From job interview advice and tax tips to pressing issues such as mass shootings and mental health, Docs Outside the Box covers a wide range of topics that weren't taught in medical school or residency but are essential to understand for a successful career in medicine.

2 Docs Talk

Kendall Britt, MD, a practicing hospitalist, and Amy Rogers, MD, a medical writer, host the 2 Docs Talk podcast. This dynamic duo discusses healthcare topics ranging from the opioid epidemic, colon cancer screening, and COVID-19 to healthcare insurance in short, 15-minute episodes. They want patients and physicians to be aware of these issues so that patients can be better equipped when making healthcare decisions with their doctors.

According to the podcast’s website, “The doctors examine current medical concerns in light of the best available medical evidence and the policy issues of the day, focusing on their impact on the doctor-patient relationship.”

The Practice Growth Podcast

Hosted by Lisa Christy and Jessica Neyer, The Practice Growth Podcast discusses the different avenues to growing a medical practice—from SEO and website marketing to improving front-office efficiency and increasing patient reviews and referrals.

Each episode is approximately 15 minutes long and includes a conversation with a healthcare marketing expert about advice and insights for making marketing understandable and digestible to physicians.

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Hippocratic Hustle

Hippocratic Hustle, a podcast by “women physicians finding freedom in life, work and finances,” is hosted by Carrie Reynolds, MD, a pediatric gastroenterologist and serial entrepreneur.

Dr. Reynolds talks about the importance of finding extra income in medicine and achieving financial freedom, as well as first-hand stories from healthcare professionals on important “stigmatizing” issues. She has hosted some incredible guests who talked about such topics as emotional eating, the COVID-19 pandemic, and mental health among frontline healthcare workers.

Although the last new episode was released in 2020, Dr. Reynolds’ past episodes are worth a listen. Hopefully, she puts out new ones in 2023.

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Everyday Emergency

Everyday Emergency is an educating, inspiring podcast from the nonprofit organization Doctors Without Borders that brings the true stories of people on the front lines of humanitarian medicine worldwide. These harrowing, emotional interviews and real-life accounts give a true insight into why physicians pursue their careers: to provide care to others in need.

From diabetes being declared a worldwide humanitarian emergency to the climate crisis and the ongoing refugee situation in South Sudan, these podcast episodes are a must-listen.

What this means for you

As 2022 comes to a close, many doctors are in a mad rush to wrap up work deadlines and assignments while juggling their patient load and preparing for the holidays. Medical podcasts can be a great outlet to unwind from a stressful day or help ease your daily commutes while providing insightful tips and tricks about having a successful, sustainable medical career.

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