5 podcasts that will make you a better doctor

By Physician Sense, for MDLinx
Published September 6, 2019

Key Takeaways

How do you use your commute time? Do you spend it mindlessly listening to top 40 radio, pounding your fist on the steering wheel, or ruminating on your day ahead? There’s a better way to ease your way into the workday. Podcasts help prepare your mind for the rigors of practicing medicine, turning what would be an aggravating or mindless morning commute into an intellectually stimulating experience. Doctors should start with these 5 podcasts.

The Peter Attia Drive Podcast

Dr. Peter Attia is a physician who made the transition from emergency medicine to specializing in longevity and wellbeing. Though, like any ethical doctor, he never names his clients, many of his guests have talked about working with him. Some you might recognize, such as legendary music producer Rick Rubin and Silicon Valley guru Tim Ferriss. The Drive brings leading minds of medicine and science to discuss their work. Physicians are sure to glean insights they can carry into their own practice. To get a taste for what Attia is all about, start with his episode with sleep expert Matthew Walker, PhD.

Found My Fitness with Dr. Rhonda Patrick, PhD

Dr. Rhonda Patrick exploded onto the podcasting scene after several marathon appearances on Joe Rogan’s Podcast. Her doctorate is in biomedical science, and as a result, Patrick gets really granular with the biological and chemical underpinnings of modern disease and illness. What makes Patrick so fascinating is how she synthesizes her knowledge in such a way that clinicians and even laypersons can practice what she preaches. Guests frequently include some of the world’s leading researchers. Start with this episode with Dr. Dominic D’Agostino for a deep dive into carb-restricted diets.

The Tim Ferriss Show

This isn’t a medical podcast, but it can’t be all medicine all the time, doctor. You need some balance. Tim brings experts from industry, sports, music, you name it, to pick their brains about what drives them toward excellence. As a result, Ferriss might just be the most well-rounded person alive. There are a myriad of life and work lessons to be gleaned from Ferriss’ guests. The best part about Tim’s interviews is they almost always deliver tips you can put into action immediately. Start with this episode with chess champion and learning theorist Josh Waitzkin.

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