10 gifts for every doctor's wish list

By Lara Becker
Published December 9, 2021

Key Takeaways

It’s that time of year again: The weather is getting gray and snowy, but family gatherings and gift-giving can easily liven things up. You’ve prepared your holiday wish list, right? 

Between battling the pandemic, managing your multitude of patients, and navigating life outside of practice, it’s likely that putting together a holiday wish list has been a low priority. When a family member asks what you want this year, send them this doctor-friendly list of practical gifts (or maybe pick up something nice for yourself!).

Base layers: $50-$80

As winter greets us with its cold shoulder, stay warm and comfortable during your work day. Whether you’re in scrubs or business casual, base layers ward off the cold by providing an extra layer of insulation that also pulls moisture away from your body. L.L. Bean has cozy options for layering under scrubs or sweaters, such as fleece shirts, thermals, or silk under-layers. You can easily remove or add layers as needed throughout your day.

Personalized stethoscopes: $40-$300

You probably feel naked without your stethoscope. With a personalized stethoscope, there will be no mistaking yours from the rest. At My Stethoscope, you can customize with different colors, as well purchase engraving to stop your colleagues from filching your most prized medical possession.

Reusable water bottles: $25-$50

Dehydration can cause fatigue, dizziness, and confusion. Perhaps the visual cue of a fresh water bottle is the reminder you need to sip throughout your busy day. Swell offers a wide range of patterns for their water bottles, as well as tupperware and lunch packaging. Plastic water bottles and food containers may present certain risks, according to the Mayo Clinic, so choosing a metal, reusable bottle may be a health-conscious option. Some polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins contain bisphenol A (BPA), which can seep into food and beverages. While the FDA has deemed BPA safe at very low levels, the chemical may affect the brain and prostate gland of fetuses, infants, and children. A BPA-free, reusable water bottle also helps reduce single-use plastic consumption.

Massages: $60-$100

Perhaps more than anything else during the holiday season, you may need a moment to relax. Massages release muscle tension, clear your mind, and give you a scheduled break from the grind. According to the NIH, clinically proven therapeutic benefits of massage include short-term relief for neck and shoulder pain, knee pain, and possibly fibromyalgia. For best results, stick with a licensed massage therapist.

Smartwool socks: $15-$30

Much like base layers, proper socks can make or break the comfort of your feet throughout your workday. You want a balance of warmth and breathability. While common as a fabric, cotton does a poor job of moving and evaporating moisture. Cotton socks can often lead to colder feet as well as blisters. Smartwool socks are a quality, wool-synthetic hybrid material with a splash of style that will keep your feet warm and dry while making a statement, or staying understated, depending on your preferences.

Masks made by doctors: $15-$30

Masks are now ubiquitous. We might as well wear ones that are comfortable, effective, and stylish. Cloth and N95s may be mainstays of your medical practice, but when you’re out and about, you can stay stylish with Jaanuu masks, which are sturdy, antimicrobial, and reusable. They were crafted by doctors and were even seen on the face of former President Obama. 

A yoga membership trial: $50-$200

Perhaps paradoxically, work/life balance requires some effort. Part of that effort is trying new recreational activities. Maybe you’ve thought about taking up yoga, but are hesitant to make a long-term commitment. A gift trial membership is an economical way to explore the practice to see if it’s a good fit for you. Research shows that in addition to improving strength, mobility, and balance, yoga also helps regulate blood glucose levels, improve cognition, and alleviate stress. You can use the MyNearYou app to find the perfect studio, matching for proximity, class type, and skill level.

A basket of quality coffee: $20-$100

Your morning cup of joe can be a staple—with proven health benefits—that can transform into a luxury experience. Would you like monthly subscription packages, curated blends and boxes, or new flavors to test out? Bean Box provides all of these options and makes it easy to get started on your luxury coffee journey. Scope out different blends of flavors ranging from caramel, holiday blends, cabernet sauvignon infusions, or molasses. 

Pens: $200-$2,000

Whether it’s to clip to your lapel, take notes, or keep in a crystal box, luxury pens have a cult-like devotion and make for thoughtful gifts. Montblanc calls their creations not just pens, but “writing instruments.” There are models to suit all tastes, including fountain pens, ballpoints, rollerballs, and fineliners. Montblanc even offers elegant backpacks, purses, and watches to style along with your new writing instrument. 

New knitwear, gloves, and hats: $50-$400

Before you dig out the winter hat and gloves you’ve been wearing since your junior year in college, it’s time to upgrade. Rag and Bone will keep you warm and well-styled all winter long. More of a luxury brand for knitwear, they offer full clothing lines, as well as puffer jackets, soft beanies, gloves and scarves.

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