What is the predictive value of urodynamics to reproduce clinical findings of urinary frequency, urge urinary incontinence, and/or stress urinary incontinence

International Urogynecology Journal, 07/02/2010

Urodynamics has a low predictive value to reproduce clinical findings of UF, UUI, and/or SUI. Many patients with evidence of UF, UUI, and/or SUI on history and/or physical examination do not demonstrate supporting urodynamic evidence.

Author Commentary

Multichannel urodynamics is the gold standard to diagnose voiding dysfunction. However, it carries a low predictive value to reproduce clinical findings. Owing to the fact that detrusor overactivity (DOA) is not seen in all patients with overactive bladder (OAB) and that DOA is seen in a large proportion of normal women who do not express OAB, the association between DOA and OAB stands indeterminate. Additionally, a majority of patients with stress urninary incontinence (SUI) on physical examination failed to demostrate SUI on urodynamics. A low maximum cystometric capacity (<200ml) was not significantly associated with the presence of urinary frequency. Future studies should be directed towards studying the association of varying cystometric capacities and urinary frequency.

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