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2Successful living domino liver transplantation in a child with protein C deficiencyPediatric Transplantation
3Modeling the allocation system: principles for robust design before restructuringTransplantation  Review Article
4Early post-operative continuous glucose monitoring in pancreas transplant recipientsTransplant International  Clinical Article
5Decision solution, data manipulation and trust: The (un-)willingness to donate organs in Germany in critical timesHealth Policy  Clinical Article
6Potential role of CC chemokine receptor 6 (CCR6) in prediction of late-onset CMV infection following solid organ transplantClinical Transplantation  Clinical Article
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1Chemotherapy before a breast cancer operation increases the likelihood of a breast-preserving procedure - rather than mastectomy - for some patientsAmerican College of Surgeons News
2A new bright light source to speed up cancer diagnosisUniversity of Nottingham News
3Prescription opioid analgesic use among adults: United States, 1999–2012U.S. National Center for Health Statistics News
4Antifreeze protein from ticks fights frostbite in miceYale School of Medicine News
5One in every three women could potentially be spared chronic pain after breast cancer surgerySt. Michael's Hospital
6NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center develops new procedure to alleviate common side effects for gastric bypass patientsNewYork-Presbyterian
7NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center participates in national clinical trial for heart pump deviceNewYork-Presbyterian
8Bariatric surgery affects risk of pregnancy complicationsKarolinska Institutet
9Study: Burnout impacts transplant surgeonsHenry Ford Health System
10NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital participating in trial of device designed to prevent stroke in heart valve-replacement patientsNewYork-Presbyterian

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