The Latest Journal Articles in Neurosurgery

1Long-term results of carmustine wafer implantation for newly diagnosed glioblastomas: a controlled propensity-matched analysis of a French multicenter cohortNeuro-Oncology, July 30, 2015  Clinical Article
2Does gender or use of regional anesthesia have influence on carotid endarterectomy outcomes?Journal of Vascular Surgery, July 30, 2015  Review Article
3Distance to the base of skull: A new predictor of complications in carotid body tumor resectionJournal of Vascular Surgery, July 30, 2015  Clinical Article
4Combined transzygomatic and pterional approach for resection of a dermoid cyst of the foreman ovaleWorld Neurosurgery, July 30, 2015
5The role of subdural interhemispheric electrodes (IHE) in the presurgical evaluation of epilepsy patientsWorld Neurosurgery, July 30, 2015  Clinical Article
6Intradural extramedullary primary ependymoma of the cranio-cervical junction combined with C1 partial agenesis: Case report and review of the literatureWorld Neurosurgery, July 30, 2015  Review Article
7Endoscopic-assisted posterior intradural petrous apecectomy (PIPA) in petroclival meningiomas: a clinical series and assessment of perioperative morbidity.World Neurosurgery, July 30, 2015  Clinical Article
8Clinical and radiological outcome after treatment of unruptured paraophthalmic internal carotid artery aneurysms: A comparative and pooled analysis of single-center experiencesWorld Neurosurgery, July 30, 2015  Clinical Article
9Progression free survival and functional outcome after surgical resection of intramedullary ependymomasJournal of Clinical Neuroscience, July 29, 2015
10Faster surgery for stroke and TIA requires more expedient referral to the vascular serviceJournal of Vascular Surgery, July 29, 2015  Review Article

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The Latest Journal Articles in Neurosurgery

1For Cushing’s syndrome, tumor removal should be first-line treatmentEndocrine Society News, July 30, 2015
2New computer-based technology may lead to improvements in facial transplantationJohns Hopkins Medicine, July 30, 2015
3Small study affirms accuracy of free mobile app that screens for liver disease in newbornsJohns Hopkins Medicine, July 30, 2015
4University of Michigan recruiting advanced heart failure patients for new clinical trialUniversity of Michigan Health System, July 30, 2015
5First implantation in the world of a novel heart pump at the Medical University of Vienna / Vienna General HospitalMedical University of Vienna, July 29, 2015
6Temple-led research finds higher institutional case volume is associated with improved outcomes for catheter-based blood clot removal in patients with deep vein thrombosis of the legsTemple Health, July 29, 2015
7Survey finds "fat grafts" for facelifts growing in popularity among plastic surgeonsNYU Langone Medical Center, July 29, 2015
8Study finds rerouting bile acids may offer simpler alternative to gastric bypass surgeryVanderbilt University Medical Center Research News, July 29, 2015
9FDA approves non-surgical temporary balloon device to treat obesityFDA Press Announcements, July 29, 2015
10World’s first bilateral hand transplant on a child performed at the Children’s Hospital of PhiladelphiaThe Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, July 29, 2015

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