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Search today's latest Surgery news articles, surgical procedures and research compiled from medical articles published in over 2,000 peer-reviewed medical journals and popular press. Our diligent team of medical editor’s rank sort and summarize surgical articles with topics ranging from: General Surgery, Cardiac Surgery, Critical Care, Vascular, Thoracic, Pediatric Surgery, Neurosurgery and much more.

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1 The anatomy and morphometry of cervical zygapophyseal joint meniscoids Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy, January 20, 2015    Clinical Article

2 Quantitative assessment of the effect of cholesterol on blood glucose measurement using near infrared spectroscopy and a method for error reduction Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, January 16, 2015    Clinical Article

3 Differences in immunogenicity of HLA antigens and the impact of cross-reactivity on the humoral response Transplantation, January 15, 2015    Clinical Article

4 Differential modulation of donor-specific antibodies after B-cell depleting therapies to cure chronic antibody mediated rejection Transplantation, January 15, 2015    Clinical Article

5 IL-17 producing CD4 cells home to the graft early after human heart transplantation The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation, January 13, 2015    Clinical Article

6 A novel therapeutic combination sequentially targeting Aurora B and Bcl-xL in hepatocellular carcinoma Annals of Surgical Oncology, January 8, 2015

7 Memory B cells in transplantation Transplantation, January 7, 2015    Review Article

8 MiR-92a promotes cell metastasis of colorectal cancer through PTEN-mediated PI3K/AKT pathway Annals of Surgical Oncology, January 6, 2015    Clinical Article

9 Assessment of clonality of multisegmental main duct intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasms of the pancreas based on mutation analysis Surgery, January 6, 2015    Review Article

10 B cell activating factor (BAFF) and a proliferation inducing ligand (APRIL) mediate CD40-independent help by memory CD4 T cells American Journal of Transplantation, January 5, 2015    Clinical Article

11 A seven-gene signature can predict distant recurrence in patients with triple-negative breast cancers who receive adjuvant chemotherapy following surgery International Journal of Cancer, January 2, 2015    Clinical Article

12 Myocardial preconditioning reduces kidney injury and apoptosis induced by myocardial ischaemia and reperfusion European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, December 24, 2014    Clinical Article

13 Gap junction enhances phototoxicity of photodynamic therapy agent 2-[1-hexyloxyethyl]-2-devinylpyropheophorbide-a (HPPH) Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, December 22, 2014    Clinical Article

14 A high fat diet is associated with altered adipokine production and a more aggressive esophageal adenocarcinoma phenotype The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, December 18, 2014    Clinical Article

15 Angiogenic and growth factors in gastric cancer Journal of Surgical Research, December 17, 2014    Clinical Article

16 Anatomical comparison among the anterolateral thigh, the parascapular, and the lateral arm flaps Microsurgery, December 15, 2014    Clinical Article

17 Chemical stability of heparin, isopropanol, and ethanol line lock solutions Journal of Pediatric Surgery, December 15, 2014    Clinical Article

18 Impact of human leukocyte antigen molecules E, F, and G on the outcome of transplantation Transplantation Proceedings, December 12, 2014    Evidence Based Medicine    Review Article

19 ATG-fresenius inhibits blood circulating cell proliferation in a dose-dependent manner: An experimental study Transplantation Proceedings, December 11, 2014    Clinical Article

20 CC genotype at rs12979860 of is associated with lower risk of new-onset diabetes after transplantation in adult patients with liver transplantation for hepatitis C cirrhosis Transplantation Proceedings, December 10, 2014    Clinical Article

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