Endocrine Surgeon-Performed US Guided Thyroid FNAC is Accurate and Efficient

World Journal of Surgery, 05/10/2012

US–FNAC performed by an experienced endocrine surgeon is accurate and allows efficient surgical management for patients with thyroid cancer.


  • This study was a retrospective review of consecutive patients in a 3–year period who underwent US–FNAC performed by endocrine surgeons and radiologists.
  • Medical records, cytology results, and surgical pathology results were collected and analyzed.


  • A total of 576 US–FNAC were performed on 402 patients during the study period.
  • The endocrine surgeons and radiologists performed 299 and 277 US–FNAC, respectively.
  • The FNAC inadequacy rate was 5.3 % for the endocrine surgeons and 9.3 % for the radiologists (p = 0.05).
  • For thyroid cancer, the sensitivity, specificity, and false negatives of the US–FNAC for the endocrine surgeons was 87 %, 98 %, and 3 %, respectively while that for the radiologists was 88 %, 95 %, and 3.5 %, respectively.
  • Patients with thyroid cancer had a shorter time to surgery in the endocrine surgeons’ group (mean 15.3 days) compared to the radiologists’ group (mean: 53.3 days; p = 0.01).

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