Randomized comparison of self-fixating and sutured mesh in open inguinal hernia repair

British Journal of Surgery, 05/04/2012

Open inguinal hernia repair with a composite self–fixating mesh resulted in similar pain in the early postoperative convalescence period and at 1 year as repair with a sutured lightweight mesh.


  • This randomized clinical trial compared inguinal hernia repair using a self–fixating composite mesh or a sutured lightweight mesh, with pain at 1 year as primary outcome.
  • Patients completed a self–evaluation questionnaire at 2 weeks and were examined after 1 year.


  • Some 198 patients received self–fixating mesh and 196 sutured mesh.
  • There were no differences between the groups in mean pain scores measured on a visual analogue scale during 2 weeks of immediate convalescence or at 1 year.
  • Chronic pain and discomfort was experienced by 36•3 per cent of patients in the self–fixating and 34•1 per cent in the sutured mesh group (P = 0•658), affecting the everyday life of 1•1 and 2•8 per cent respectively (P = 0•448).

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