Morbidity and mortality after non-curative gastrectomy for gastric cancer in elderly patients

Journal of Surgical Oncology, 04/12/2012

In a setting of non–curative resection for gastric cancer, age was not a limiting factor. Rather, the risk of postoperative morbidity should be considered carefully in total gastrectomy and combined resection.


  • The study reviewed 278 patients who underwent non–curative resection for advanced gastric cancer.
  • The clinicopathological features of elderly patients (≥75 years, n=257) and younger patients (<75 years, n=21) were compared.


  • Although no difference was observed in terms of preoperative performance, there were distinct differences in terms of albumin level, presence of symptoms, and the rate of comorbidities between the two groups.
  • The postoperative morbidity and mortality rate did not differ between the two groups.
  • Age, preoperative performance status, preoperative transfusion, and presence of comorbidity were not independent predictors of postoperative complications.
  • However, the extent of gastric resection and combined resection were closely related to postoperative complications in patients with non–curative gastrectomy.

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