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Low vitamin D associated with statin-induced myalgia

As reported in Clinical Therapeutics, of 450 patients prescribed high-dose simvastatin (80 mg qd) for dyslipidemia, 11.1% complained of myalgias. The vitamin D level was lower in patients with myalgias than patients without myalgias (26.2 vs. 36.3 ng/mL).

Fluvastatin improves pro-inflammatory and pro-thrombotic markers in aPL-positive patients

As reported in the Annals of Rheumatic Diseases, treatment of persistent aPL-positive patients with fluvastatin (40 mg qd x 3 months) improved pro-inflammatory and pro-thrombotic markers (IL1-β, VEGF, TNF-α, IP10, sCD40L, and sTF).

Serum uric acid correlates with erectile dysfunction

As reported in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, men with erectile dysfunction have higher levels of serum uric acid than men without (6.12 mg/dL vs. 4.97 mg/dL). Comparing the highest and lowest tertiles for serum uric acid, the OR for erectile dysfunction was 5.95.

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Clinical Pearls

Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocThe guidelines established by the International Society of Nephrology/Renal Pathology Society 2003 classification of Lupus Nephritis are recommended for use by the acronym 2012 Guidelines for the Management, Screening, and Classification of Lupus Nephritis.

Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocRapid loss of bone mineral density emphasizes the need for osteoporosis prevention in the post transplantation period.

Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocLupus erythematosus can be induced through known pharmacologic interactions.

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