Effects of a targeted multi-modal exercise program incorporating high speed power training on falls and fracture risk factors in older adults: A community-based randomised controlled trial

Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, 06/17/2013

The aim of this 12–month community–based randomised controlled trial, termed Osteo–cise: Strong Bones for Life, was to evaluate the effectiveness and feasibility of a multi–modal exercise program incorporating high–velocity (HV)–PRT, combined with an osteoporosis education and behavioural change program, on bone mineral density (BMD), body composition, muscle strength and functional muscle performance in older adults. This study demonstrates that the Osteo–cise: Strong Bones for Life community–based, multi–modal exercise program represents an effective approach to improve multiple musculoskeletal and functional performance measures in older adults with risk factors for falls and/or low BMD. Although this did not translate into a reduction in the rate of falls, further large–scale trials are needed to evaluate the efficacy of this multi–modal approach on reducing falls and fracture.

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