Vitamin D receptor gene polymorphisms in rheumatoid arthritis

Archives of Rheumatology, 06/22/2011

ATE? O et al. – Our findings suggest that vitamin D receptor polymorphisms do not play a role in either rheumatoid arthritis susceptibility or in rheumatoid factor positivity and erosive disease of rheumatoid arthritis in the Turkish population.


  • Analyzed BsmI, TaqI and FokI polymorphisms in vitamin D receptor gene
  • 98 patients with RA (78 females, 20 males; mean age 50.8±12.3 years; range 38 to 63 years) and 122 healthy subjects (96 females, 26 males; mean age 57.1±6.1 years; range 51 to 63 years) by a polymerase chain reaction followed by enzymatic digestion between May 2006 and April 2008


  • Distributions of BsmI, TaqI and FokI, alleles/genotypes frequencies similar in patients and controls
  • No significant differences between vitamin D receptor genotypes/alleles and presence or absence of erosions and RF

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