The Latest Journal Articles in Peds Radiology

1Changes in structural lung disease in cystic fibrosis children over 4 years as evaluated by high-resolution computed tomographyEuropean Radiology, May 01, 2015  Clinical Article
23-D cardiac MRI in free-breathing newborns and infants: when is respiratory gating necessaryPediatric Radiology, May 01, 2015  Clinical Article
3Efficacy of ultrasound elastography in detecting active myositis in children: can it replace MRIPediatric Radiology, May 01, 2015  Clinical Article
4Ultrasound evaluation of glaucoma drainage devices in childrenJournal of AAPOS, April 30, 2015  Clinical Article
5Chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis: A rare entityJournal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology, April 28, 2015  Clinical Article
6Protocol for suspected pediatric appendicitis limits CT utilizationJournal of Surgical Research, April 27, 2015  Clinical Article
7Detection of inflammatory sacroiliitis in children with magnetic resonance imaging: Is gadolinium-contrast enhancement necessary?Arthritis & Rheumatism, April 24, 2015  Clinical Article
8Strain and strain rate measured on echocardiogram 1–3 weeks after starting treatment is worse in acute dilated cardiomyopathy pediatric patients with poor outcomes at one yearEchocardiography, April 17, 2015  Clinical Article
9Magnetic resonance imaging reveals altered distribution of hepatic fat in children with type 1 diabetes compared to controlsMetabolism, April 16, 2015  Clinical Article
10Establishing age-associated normative ranges of the cerebral 18F-FDG uptake ratio in childrenThe Journal of Nuclear Medicine, April 15, 2015  Clinical Article
1Novel X-ray technology improves contrast in soft tissue: Compact synchrotron makes tumors visibleTechnische Universität München, May 04, 2015
2A new cellular response to radiation exposure: Must we reconsider the risks of low doses?Helmholtz Zentrum München - German Research Center for Environmental Health News, May 04, 2015
3A hot (and cold) new concept in pain managementSt. Michael's Hospital, May 01, 2015
4Imaging in ankylosing spondylitisThe Rheumatologist, April 30, 2015
5Prospective risk stratification for bleeding before PCI may increase use of avoidance strategiesAmerican College of Cardiology News, April 29, 2015
6Researchers turn to Kinect gaming technology to solve brain scanner problemImperial College London Health News, April 29, 2015
7Use of radiotherapy after prostate cancer surgery declining, despite evidence of benefitAmerican Cancer Society News, April 28, 2015
8'Motion-tracking' MRI tests reveal novel harbingers of stroke in people with common heart rhythm disorderJohns Hopkins Medicine, April 28, 2015
9Cancer scan could remove need for radiotherapy for cured patientsThe University of Manchester News, April 27, 2015
10Incorporating Agatston scores into ungated chest CT reporting leads to substantial cardiovascular risk reclassificationAmerican Roentgen Ray Society News, April 27, 2015

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