1Imaging of the elbow in children with wrist fracture: an unnecessary source of radiation and use of resources?Pediatric Radiology  Review Article
2Reference values of MRI measurements of the common bile duct and pancreatic duct in childrenPediatric Radiology  Clinical Article
3Sonographic appearances of torsion of the appendix testis and appendix epididymis in childrenJournal of Clinical Ultrasound  Clinical Article
4Neurocutaneous melanocytosis, hemimegalencephaly and large ovarian cyst in a newbornPediatric Radiology
5Non-echoplanar diffusion-weighted MRI in children and adolescents with cholesteatoma: reliability and pitfalls in comparison to middle ear surgeryPediatric Radiology  Clinical Article
6Bone involvement by Sporothrix schenckii in an immunocompetent childPediatric Radiology  Clinical Article
7The role of 18F fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography (18F-FDG-PET) in children with rheumatic carditis and chronic rheumatic heart diseaseNuclear Medicine Review  Clinical Article
8Contrast-enhanced voiding urosonography phantom study: intravenous iodinated and gadolinium-based contrast agents may cause false-negative results in assessment of vesicoureteral reflux in childrenPediatric Radiology  Clinical Article
9Volumetric modulated arc therapy versus 3D conformal radiotherapy for selected childhood neoplasmsJournal of Radiotherapy in Practice  Clinical Article
10Optimizing the interval between G-CSF therapy and F-18 FDG PET imaging in children and young adults receiving chemotherapy for sarcomaPediatric Radiology  Review Article
1A new bright light source to speed up cancer diagnosisUniversity of Nottingham News
2Cherenkov effect improves radiation therapy for patients with cancerNorris Cotton Cancer Center News
3Decline in smoking rates may increase lung cancer mortality due to inadequate screening guidelinesMayo Clinic
4NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center using advanced technology for more precise, effective treatment of brain and spine tumorsNewYork-Presbyterian
5Experimenting preteens may have different brain processesAmerican Academy of Neurology News
6An oscilloscope for MRI scannersETH Zurich News
7Are there occupational health hazards of working in interventional labs?American College of Cardiology News
8Study shows improvements in appropriateness of cardiac imagingAmerican College of Cardiology News
96 Year study identifies patients at higher risk of recurrent strokeUniversity of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System
10Brain imaging links language delay to chromosome deletion in children with neurological disordersThe Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

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