The Latest Journal Articles in Pulmonology

1Efficacy and safety of an intensified schedule of tremelimumab for chemotherapy-resistant malignant mesothelioma: an open-label, single-arm, phase 2 studyThe Lancet Respiratory Medicine, April 28, 2015  Clinical Article
2Personality and risk of adult asthma in a prospective cohort studyJournal of Psychosomatic Research, April 28, 2015  Clinical Article
3Vitamin A intake and serum retinol levels in children and adolescents with cystic fibrosisClinical Nutrition, April 28, 2015  Clinical Article
4Exhaled breath temperature measurement and asthma control in children prescribed inhaled corticosteroids: A cross sectional studyPediatric Pulmonology, April 28, 2015  Clinical Article
5Comparative effectiveness of budesonide/formoterol combination and fluticasone/salmeterol combination among chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients new to controller treatment: a US administrative claims database studyRespiratory Research, April 28, 2015  Full Text  Clinical Article
6Flu-like and other systemic drug reactions among persons receiving weekly rifapentine plus isoniazid or daily isoniazid for treatment of latent tuberculosis infection in the prevent TB studyClinical Infectious Diseases, April 28, 2015  Clinical Article
7A systematic review of patients with mucocutaneous and respiratory complications in paraneoplastic autoimmune multiorgan syndrome: Castlemans disease is the predominant malignancyLung, April 28, 2015  Review Article
8Molecular epidemiology of adenovirus type 21 respiratory strains isolated from US military trainees (1996-2014)The Journal of Infectious Diseases, April 28, 2015  Clinical Article
9How much do cancer-related symptoms contribute to health-related quality of life in lung and colorectal cancer patients? A report from the Cancer Care Outcomes Research and Surveillance (CanCORS) ConsortiumCancer, April 28, 2015  Clinical Article
10Obstructive sleep apnea and abdominal aortic calcification: is there an association independent of comorbid risk factorsAtherosclerosis, April 28, 2015  Clinical Article
1Driver of non-small cell lung cancer, FGFR1, also present in 23 percent of small cell lung cancerUniversity of Colorado Health News, April 28, 2015
2Researchers' "hugely exciting" asthma discoveryCardiff University News, April 28, 2015
3Researchers find no increased lung cancer risk in postmenopausal women treated with hormone therapyWayne State University School of Medicine News, April 28, 2015
4Effective sleep apnea treatment lowers diabetes riskThe University of Chicago Medical Center News, April 28, 2015
5New mechanism triggers endothelial permeability in vivoUAB Medicine, April 28, 2015
6Internists’ paper offers policy guidance on electronic nicotine delivery system regulation and oversight American College of Physicians News, April 27, 2015
7Nintedanib in lung cancer: Added benefit depends on disease severityGerman Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG), April 27, 2015
8Detecting lung cancer at an early stageRuhr-Universitaet-Bochum News, April 24, 2015
9Getting smokers to quit with an unlikely drug: NicotineUniversity of Kansas Cancer Center news, April 24, 2015
10Researchers produce first atlas of airborne microbes across United StatesUniversity of Colorado at Boulder News, April 24, 2015

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Lecithinized superoxide dismutase treatment promising in idiopathic interstitial pneumonia

As reported in BMC Pulmonary Medicine, lecithinized superoxide dismutase (80 mg x 28d) attenuated LDH and surfactant protein A levels in patients with progressive idiopathic interstitial pneumonia; there was no change in forced vital capacity. The LDH and surfactant protein levels returned to baseline by day 56. There were no differences between adverse events and mortality rates in the treated and placebo groups.

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