Clinical Benefits of 7 Years of Treatment with Omalizumab in Severe Uncontrolled Asthmatics

Journal of Asthma, 05/06/2011

Long–term treatment with omalizumab improves asthmatic clinical outcomes in severe asthmatics.


  • 7 severe allergic asthmatic patients who were treated for 7 years with add–on omalizumab.
  • Number of exacerbations, use of antibiotics, additional asthma medications (systemic steroids, nebulized steroids and bronchodilators), and spirometry were analyzed before and after omalizumab treatment.


  • Omalizumab was well tolerated by all the studied patients.
  • It improved FEV1 and FEV1//FVC ratio and reduced symptom score, asthma exacerbations, use of antibiotics, and use of nebulized steroids, bronchodilators, and oral corticosteroids.
  • These effects were evident after 4 years of treatment and more pronounced after 7 years of treatment.

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