Frequency and predictors of proxy-confirmed post-stroke cognitive complaints in lacunar stroke patients without major depression
International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry,  Clinical Article

Xiong YY et al. – Many lacunar stroke patients complained of cognitive decline after stroke. This study aims to investigate the factors underlying post-stroke cognitive complaints in these patients. This study suggests that post-stroke cognitive complaints are frequent among lacunar stroke patients without major depression and are prominently determined by the subclinical depressive symptomatology.


  • 75 consecutive lacunar stroke patients without major depression were recruited for study
  • Stroke severity measured using NIHSS score and MRI performed during acute admission period
  • At 3 months, objective psychometric performance and depressive symptoms assessed
  • Post-stroke cognitive complaints corroborated by proxy
  • Using logistic regression examined contribution of demographic features, stroke severity, objective psychometric scores, depressive symptoms, and imaging features (white matter lesion volume and infarct measures) to post-stroke cognitive complaints

  • Thirty-two (42.7%) patients had post-stroke cognitive complaints
  • Patients with post-stroke cognitive complaints had more depressive symptoms and worse psychometric performance than those without
  • In multivariate logistic regression model, only severity of depressive symptoms independently associated with post-stroke cognitive complaints

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