Full Text Articles in Psychiatry

1Incidence and Age-Specific Presentation of Restrictive Eating Disorders in Children: A Canadian Paediatric Surveillance Program Study Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, October 08, 2012  Full Text
2Sleep-Wake Transitions in Premature Neonates Predict Early DevelopmentPediatrics, October 08, 2012  Full Text
3New possibility of traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine as treatment for behavioral and psychiatric symptoms in dementiaClinical Interventions in Aging, October 08, 2012  Full Text
4Relationship of Maternal Snuff Use and Cigarette Smoking With Neonatal ApneaPediatrics, October 08, 2012  Full Text
5Neurosyphilis with dementia and bilateral hippocampal atrophy on brain magnetic resonance imagingBMC Neurology, October 08, 2012  Full Text
6Four-Year Prospective Study of BMI and Mental Health Problems in Young ChildrenPediatrics, October 07, 2012  Full Text
710-year Cognition in Preterms After Random Assignment to Fatty Acid Supplementation in InfancyPediatrics, October 07, 2012  Full Text
8Is the Acute NMDA Receptor Hypofunction a Valid Model of SchizophreniaSchizophrenia Bulletin, October 06, 2012  Full Text
9Effects of Physical Activity on Teen Smoking CessationPediatrics, October 06, 2012  Full Text
10Brain Mapping Biomarkers of Socio-Emotional Processing in SchizophreniaSchizophrenia Bulletin, October 06, 2012  Full Text
1USF study of innovative therapy for PTSD expands to military sexual traumaUSF Health News, April 17, 2015
2Impact of domestic violence on women's mental healthUniversite de Montreal News, April 17, 2015
3World first study reveals antibodies that may trigger psychosis in childrenThe University of Sydney News, April 17, 2015
4Depression is genetic, not a pain in the backThe University of Sydney News, April 17, 2015
5Gene variant linked to smoking longer, getting lung cancer soonerWashington University School of Medicine in St. Louis News, April 17, 2015
6Paternal sperm may hold clues to autismJohns Hopkins Medicine, April 17, 2015
7Synthetic drugs: Evidence that they can cause cancerMedical University of Vienna, April 17, 2015
8Your pain reliever may also be diminishing your joyOhio State University News, April 16, 2015
9Suffering from abuse during childhood increases the chances of depression, above all in those adults who are genetically predisposedUniversity of Granada Health Science and Technology News, April 16, 2015
10RTI International to test PTSD treatment for U.S. service membersRTI International News, April 16, 2015

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Asenapine effective in treating agitation

As reported in Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, treatment of agitation with sublingual asenapine (10 mg) was shown to be effective. Improvement in the PANSS-EC was comparable to the effect of intramuscular anti-psychotics.

Risk factors for suicidal ideations in bipolar disorder

As reported in Bipolar Disorders, the following risk factors were associated with suicidal ideations in patients with bipolar disorder (n=130): grade of severity of current episode (OR=22.601); family history of suicide attempt (OR=18.06); preceding life event (OR=3.797); and past history of suicidal event (OR=3.11).

Obesity and hypertension associated with impaired cognition in BPD

As reported in Bipolar Diseases, obesity and treated hypertension are associated with decreased global cognitive ability in patients with bipolar disease (n=341), but not schizophrenia (n=417).

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Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocThe antioxidant effects of lithium prevent progression of early stage bipolar disorder.

Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocAcupuncture can reduce preoperative anxiety.

Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocSNPS of the X chromosome may be associated with attempted suicides

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