1Incidence and Age-Specific Presentation of Restrictive Eating Disorders in Children: A Canadian Paediatric Surveillance Program Study Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine  Full Text
2Sleep-Wake Transitions in Premature Neonates Predict Early DevelopmentPediatrics  Full Text
3New possibility of traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine as treatment for behavioral and psychiatric symptoms in dementiaClinical Interventions in Aging  Full Text
4Relationship of Maternal Snuff Use and Cigarette Smoking With Neonatal ApneaPediatrics  Full Text
5Neurosyphilis with dementia and bilateral hippocampal atrophy on brain magnetic resonance imagingBMC Neurology  Full Text
6Four-Year Prospective Study of BMI and Mental Health Problems in Young ChildrenPediatrics  Full Text
710-year Cognition in Preterms After Random Assignment to Fatty Acid Supplementation in InfancyPediatrics  Full Text
8Is the Acute NMDA Receptor Hypofunction a Valid Model of SchizophreniaSchizophrenia Bulletin  Full Text
9Effects of Physical Activity on Teen Smoking CessationPediatrics  Full Text
10Brain Mapping Biomarkers of Socio-Emotional Processing in SchizophreniaSchizophrenia Bulletin  Full Text
1Study reveals mechanism behind most common form of inherited Alzheimer's diseaseMassachusetts General Hospital
2Raising tobacco sales age to 21 is best way to prevent lifelong addictionOhio State University News
3Medicare and patients with schizophrenia could save $150 million on part D plansUPMC
4Stigma of mental illness in India linked to povertyWashington University School of Medicine in St. Louis News
5Mental health soon after war-zone concussions predicts disabilityWashington University School of Medicine in St. Louis News
6Study offers clues to early detection of bipolar disorders in high-risk childrenNationwide Children's Hospital
7Twitter helps smokers kick the habit, UCI-Stanford study findsUniversity of California Irvine Health News
8Marijuana: The allergen you never knew existedAmerican College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology News
9Scripps Florida scientists find a defect responsible for memory impairment in agingScripps Research Institute News
10Time to "just say no" to behavior-calming drugs for Alzheimer patients? Experts say yesUniversity of Michigan Health System

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Elderly depressed patients at increased risk for metabolic syndrome and elevated CRP

As reported in Psychosomatics, of 30 patients with newly diagnosed depression, the risk for metabolic syndrome (OR=4.75 [waist circumference OR=6.00]) and CRP (OR=3.86) was increased.

Risk factors for suicidal ideations in bipolar disorder

As reported in Bipolar Disorders, the following risk factors were associated with suicidal ideations in patients with bipolar disorder (n=130): grade of severity of current episode (OR=22.601); family history of suicide attempt (OR=18.06); preceding life event (OR=3.797); and past history of suicidal event (OR=3.11).

Salivary markers for alcohol dependence identified

As reported in Alcohol & Alcoholism, salivary levels of α-fucosidase, β-glucuronidase, and α-mannosidase are elevated (7-18-fold) in patients with alcohol dependence compared to healthy controls.

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Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocKnown risk factors affect the risk of transitioning forward from mild cognitive impairment.

Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocSecondhand smoke is associated with increased risk of depression and panic attacks in adulthood.

Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocPatient neuropsychiatric symptoms contribute to high caregiver burden in stroke aftercare.

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