Markers of gluten sensitivity in acute mania: A longitudinal study

Psychiatry Research, 05/18/2012

The monitoring and control of gluten sensitivity may have significant effects on the management of individuals hospitalized with acute mania.


  • The sample included 60 individuals assessed during a hospital stay for acute mania, 39 at a 6-month follow-up, and a sample of 143 non-psychiatric controls.
  • Antibodies to gliadin were measured by enzyme immunoassay.
  • The relationship of the antibodies to the clinical course of mania was analyzed by the use of regression models.


  • Individuals with mania had significantly increased levels of IgG antibodies to gliadin, but not other markers of celiac disease, at baseline compared with controls in multivariate analyses.
  • However, these levels were not significantly different from those of controls at the six month follow-up.
  • Among the individuals with mania, elevated levels at follow-up were significantly associated with re-hospitalization in the 6-month follow-up period.

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