Testing the dimensionality of posttraumatic stress responses in young Chinese adult earthquake survivors: Further evidence for dysphoric arousal as a unique PTSD construct

Depression and Anxiety, 06/24/2011

Wang L et al. – The findings provide further empirical evidence in favor of the five–factor diagnostic model of PTSD, and carry implications for the upcoming DSM–5.


  • Participants were administrated PTSD Checklist and Hopkins Symptoms Checklist–25 12 months after earthquake
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  • Results of confirmatory factor analysis showed that five–factor intercorrelated model (intrusion, avoidance, numbing, dysphoric arousal, and anxious arousal) fit the data significantly better than the four–factor numbing model proposed by King et al. (1998: Psychol Assess 10:90–96) and the four–factor dysphoria model proposed by Simms et al. (2002: J Abnorm Psychol 111:637–647)
  • Further analyses indicated that 4 out of 5 PTSD factors yielded significantly different correlations with external measures of anxiety versus depression

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