The Latest Clinical Articles in Physician Assistant

1Human infection with a zoonotic orthopoxvirus in the Country of GeorgiaNew England Journal of Medicine, March 30, 2015  Review Article
2Diagnostic concordance among pathologists interpreting breast biopsy specimensJAMA, March 30, 2015  Clinical Article  Evidence Based Medicine
3Association of aspirin and NSAID use with risk of colorectal cancer according to genetic variantsJAMA, March 30, 2015  Clinical Article  Evidence Based Medicine
4Phase I trial of everolimus in combination with thoracic radiotherapy in non-small-cell lung cancerAnnals of Oncology, March 30, 2015  Clinical Article
5Effects of insulin glargine and liraglutide therapy on liver fat as measured by magnetic resonance in patients with type 2 diabetes: a randomized trialDiabetes Care, March 30, 2015  Clinical Article
6Acute-on-chronic liver failure precipitated by hepatic injury is distinct from that precipitated by extra-hepatic insultsHepatology, March 30, 2015  Clinical Article
7Nuclear factor erythroid 2-like 2 regulates expression of inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor, type 3 and calcium signaling in cholangiocytesGastroenterology, March 30, 2015  Clinical Article
8Gonadal maldevelopment as risk factor for germ cell cancer: Towards a clinical decision modelEuropean Urology, March 30, 2015  Full Text
9Prostatic urethral lift improves urinary symptoms and flow while preserving sexual function for men with benign prostatic hyperplasia: A systematic review and meta-analysisEuropean Urology, March 30, 2015  Full Text
10Surgical tips and tricks during urethroplasty for bulbar urethral strictures focusing on accurate localisation of the stricture: Results from a tertiary centreEuropean Urology, March 30, 2015  Full Text
1Miriam Hospital researchers find topical tranexamic acid use in primary hip and knee arthroplasty reduces blood transfusion ratesThe Miriam Hospital, March 30, 2015
2Greater wealth equals better health for most Canadian moms and their newbornsSt. Michael's Hospital, March 30, 2015
3Yale med student finds link between weight gain after HIV treatment and mortalityYale School of Medicine News, March 30, 2015
4Weight discrimination has major impact on quality of lifeUniversity College London New, March 30, 2015
5Research highlights barriers to lifelong management of type 1 diabetesSheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust News, March 30, 2015
6U-M research on lifetime risk of ovarian cancer may help women make informed decisionsUniversity of Michigan Health System, March 30, 2015
7Corticosteroid injections linked to joint deteriorationClinical Orthopedics and Related Research, March 30, 2015
8Phosphodiesterase 9A controls nitric-oxide-independent cGMP and hypertrophic heart diseaseNature, March 24, 2015
9A breakfast of champions for diabetics: TAU researcher says high-energy breakfast and modest dinner can control dangerous blood sugar spikes all dayAmerican Friends of Tel Aviv University Medicine and Health News, March 19, 2015
10Joint fluid harbors bacterial clumps after joint replacement despite pre-surgery antibioticsThomas Jefferson University News, March 19, 2015

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Vitamin D supplementation improves ejection fraction

As reported in Nutrition, Metabolism, and Cardiovascular Diseases, vitamin D supplementation (4000 IU/d of cholecalciferol x 6 months) of vitamin D-deficient heart failure patients (n=23) resulted in an increase in the ejection fraction compared to placebo (6.7 vs. -4.3%).

Triple therapy superior to dual therapy in HCV

As reported in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, treatment of hepatitis C virus-infected patients with triple therapy (pegylated-interferon, ribavirin, and teleprevir) is more effective than dual therapy (pegylated-interferon and ribavirin). Specifically, a sustained virologic response was achieved in 51% of treatment-naïve patients, 67% of patients with a prior non-response and 56% of patients with a prior relapse of patients treated with triple therapy compared to 37%, 11%, and 27% of patients treated with dual therapy, respectively.

Xerophthalmia— a potential epidemic on our doorstep?

As reported in Eye, prompt recognition and treatment of xerophthalmia can lead to rapid recovery and avert significant visual morbidity. The prevalence of xerophthalmia is likely to increase in the developed world largely owing to alcoholic liver disease. It is thought by some that they are on the verge of a potential epidemic.

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Clinical Pearls

Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocHigher heart rate and creatinine concentration, lower systolic blood pressure and initial oxygen saturation and nonnormal serum troponin levels taken at triage may predict 7-day mortality in patients presenting to the ED with acute heart failure

Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocCandesartan is non-inferior to propranolol extended-release for migraine prophylaxis.

Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocIntentional ingestion of hand sanitizers has increased significantly

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