Comparison of the aorta impingement risks between thoracolumbar/lumbar curves with different convexities in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: a computed tomography study
European Spine Journal,  Clinical Article

Qiao J et al. – The present study illustrated different changed positions of the aorta relative to vertebrae between thoracolumbar/lumbar curves with different convexities. In right–sided curve, the risks of the aorta impingement were mainly from left PS while in left–sided curves, from right pedicle screw (PS). The aorta was more proximal to entry points in right–sided lumbar curve when compared with left–sided curve; thus placing PS carries more risks in right–sided thoracolumbar/lumbar curve. Surgeons should be more cautious when placing PSs on the concave sides of T12 and L1 vertebrae of right–sided thoracolumbar/lumbar curves.

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