The Latest Clinical Articles in Physician Assistant

1Vorinostat in patients with advanced malignant pleural mesothelioma who have progressed on previous chemotherapy (VANTAGE-014): a phase 3, double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trialThe Lancet Oncology, March 27, 2015  Clinical Article
2Safety and immunogenicity of a novel recombinant adenovirus type-5 vector-based Ebola vaccine in healthy adults in China: preliminary report of a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, phase 1 trialThe Lancet, March 27, 2015  Clinical Article  Evidence Based Medicine
3Benefits of early versus delayed palliative care to informal family caregivers of patients with advanced cancer: outcomes from the enable III randomized controlled trialJournal of Clinical Oncology, March 27, 2015  Clinical Article
4Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma classification system that associates normal B-cell subset phenotypes with prognosisJournal of Clinical Oncology, March 27, 2015  Clinical Article
5Gout after living kidney donation: A matched cohort studyAmerican Journal of Kidney Diseases, March 27, 2015  Clinical Article
6Dose-finding study of rivaroxaban in hemodialysis patientsAmerican Journal of Kidney Diseases, March 27, 2015  Clinical Article
7Food sources of protein and risk of incident gout in the Singapore Chinese Health StudyArthritis & Rheumatism, March 27, 2015  Clinical Article
8Sibling exposure and risk of juvenile idiopathic arthritis in the ChiLdhood Arthritis Risk factor Identification sTudY (CLARITY)Arthritis & Rheumatism, March 27, 2015  Clinical Article
9Childhood-onset systemic necrotizing vasculitides: Long-term data from the french vasculitis study group registryArthritis & Rheumatism, March 27, 2015  Clinical Article
10Dietary cysteine and other amino acids and stroke incidence in womenStroke, March 27, 2015  Clinical Article
1Phosphodiesterase 9A controls nitric-oxide-independent cGMP and hypertrophic heart diseaseNature, March 24, 2015
2A breakfast of champions for diabetics: TAU researcher says high-energy breakfast and modest dinner can control dangerous blood sugar spikes all dayAmerican Friends of Tel Aviv University Medicine and Health News, March 19, 2015
3Joint fluid harbors bacterial clumps after joint replacement despite pre-surgery antibioticsThomas Jefferson University News, March 19, 2015
4Repeated exposure of children to secondhand smoke is child abuse, Goldstein arguesUNC Health Care System, March 19, 2015
5Losing weight substantially reduces atrial fibrillationAmerican College of Cardiology News, March 18, 2015
6CT scans appear to dramatically improve diagnosis of heart diseaseAmerican College of Cardiology News, March 18, 2015
7Old blood as good as fresh in patients with life threatening illnessesOttawa Hospital Research Institute News, March 18, 2015
8Long term ticagrelor cuts risk of future events after heart attackAmerican College of Cardiology News, March 18, 2015
9Erectile dysfunction drug relieves nerve damage in diabetic miceHenry Ford Health System, March 18, 2015
10Study: Lack of cardio fitness can increase risk of death by more than a thirdHenry Ford Health System, March 18, 2015

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AGEs increase cardiovascular risk in T2DM

As reported in Diabetes, elevated advanced glycation end products increase the risk for incident cardiovascular events (HR=1.31) in type 2 diabetics (n=218).

Risk factors for suicidal ideations in bipolar disorder

As reported in Bipolar Disorders, the following risk factors were associated with suicidal ideations in patients with bipolar disorder (n=130): grade of severity of current episode (OR=22.601); family history of suicide attempt (OR=18.06); preceding life event (OR=3.797); and past history of suicidal event (OR=3.11).

Tapentadol ER effective in alleviating pain of DN

As reported in Diabetes Care, tapentadol ER (100-250 mg bid) for 12 weeks resulted in increased pain relief in patients with moderate-to-severe diabetic neuropathy (n=166) compared to placebo.

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Clinical Pearls

Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocOlder women often do not receive post-fracture osteoporosis treatment.

Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocObese patients who are metabolically healthy still have an elevated risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Clinical Pearl from Smartest DocMethacholine is a direct bronchial provocation test which acts on muscarinic receptors in the airway smooth muscle causing contraction.

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