The Influence of Parent Preprocedural Anxiety on Child Procedural Pain: Mediation by Child Procedural Anxiety

Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 05/24/2012

Bearden DJ et al. – Analyses suggest that children's procedural anxiety mediates the relation between parents' anticipatory anxiety and children's procedural pain. Thus, targeting parents’ preprocedural anxiety might be beneficial to the parents as well as the children undergoing a distressing medical procedure.


  • A total of 90 preschoolers receiving immunizations, their parents, and the nurses rated children's procedural anxiety and pain. Parents provided ratings of their own preprocedural anxiety.


  • Bootstrapping analyses revealed that children's procedural anxiety mediated the relation between parents' preprocedural anxiety and children's procedural pain according to parents' report and nurses’ report but not children's self-report of anxiety and pain.

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