Indoor Air Pollution-related Acute Lower Respiratory Infections and Low Birthweight: A Systematic Review

Journal of Tropical Pediatrics, 05/18/2012

Misra P et al. – This review of acute lower respiratory infection (ALRI) and low birthweight (LBW) attributable by Indoor air pollution (IAP) confirms and strengthens the findings of previous reviews and provides further strong evidence of associations of ALRI and LBW with IAP.


  • Total of 24 articles for ALRI in under-5 and seven articles for LBW were included in this review.
  • Meta-analysis was done on nine and six articles on ALRI and LBW children, respectively.


  • Sixteen studies reported significantly elevated odds ratio (range: 1.38–6.0) of ALRI exposed to IAP.
  • Similarly, significantly increased risk of LBW due to IAP was reported in the studies (range: 1.1–1.86).
  • The risk of ALRI increased by 2.51 times, while the risk of LBW increased by 1.45 times due to IAP exposure.

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