Racial differences in arterial stiffness among adolescents and young adults with type 2 diabetes

Pediatric Diabetes, 04/26/2012

Shah AS et al. – African–American adolescents and young adults with type 2 diabetes have increased vascular stiffness than age–matched Caucasians. This process is mediated by different cardiovascular risk factors. These results suggest race–specific risk factor modification may be helpful to prevent early cardiovascular disease in this high risk population.


  • Demographic, anthropometric, laboratory data, and arterial stiffness measures including pulse wave velocity (PWV) and augmentation index (AIx) were collected in a cross-sectional study of 215 adolescents (average age 18 yr) with type 2 diabetes (55% African-American and 65% female).


  • Compared to Caucasians, African-Americans had increased PWV (6.21 ± 0.87 vs. 6.96 ± 1.30, p < .01) and AIx (4.44 ± 11.17 vs. 7.64 ± 12.02, p = 0.05).
  • Regression modeling demonstrated age, lipids, blood pressure, and duration of diabetes were differently associated with arterial stiffness in each race group (p < 0.05).

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