The effects of xylocaine spray for pain control caused by endotracheal tube in critical care Full Text
International Journal of Gerontology,

Lee SY et al. – Xylocaine spray is demanded is an effective therapy to manage the pain caused by endotracheal tube, which is also crucial to meet patient satisfaction in intensive care.

  • A quantitative evaluation of the effect before and after Xylocaine spray on endotracheal tube pain relief, and a qualitative interview study of the impact of this intervention on patients’ satisfaction of intensive care in a prospective, clinical investigation.
  • Those in the medical intensive care unit being endotracheal intubated and being able to clearly communicate with the caregivers were enrolled after providing their inform consent.
  • Authors prescribed Xylocaine 10% pump spray as frequently as demanded.

  • 19 patients were eligible for this study.
  • The numerical rating scale of the throat pain before local Xylocaine spray were 8.82±0.79, 7.98±0.92, 7.07±0.76, 6.37±0.83 and 5.47±1.23, sequentially, compared with after therapy results, which were 3.84±0.86, 3.57±0.74, 3.06±0.70, 2.61±0.77 and 1.96±0.88 (p<0.01).
  • The interval between Xylocaine demanded gradually increased with time after endotracheal tube intubation, and was also different between the daytime and the night–time on the first day of admission (p<0.001).
  • Most of the patients suffered from throat pain due to endotracheal intubation, and they agreed their satisfaction was affected by the factors, the level of throat pain being controlled (correlation: 0.89, p<0.01), and the caregivers’ attitude with regard to the pain control (correlation: 0.46, p<0.05).

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