Major osteoporotic to hip fracture ratios in Canadian men and women with swedish comparisons: a population based analysis

Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, 12/04/2013

FRAX® tools are calibrated from country–specific fracture epidemiology. While hip fracture data are usually available, data on non–hip fractures for most countries are often lacking. Swedish vertebral/hip fracture ratios were similar to the Canadian fracture ratios (within 7%) but significantly lower for other sites (men and women: 46% and 35% lower for forearm/hip ratios, 19% and 15% lower for humerus/hip ratios and 19% and 23% lower for any MOF/hip ratios). These differences have implications for updating and calibrating FRAX® tools, fracture risk estimation and intervention rates. Moreover, wherever possible, it is important that countries try to collect accurate non–hip fracture data.

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