Alendronate in patients with calcium nephrolithiasis and loss of bone mass

Central European Journal of Medicine, 05/16/2012

The use of weekly alendronate in patients with recurrent calcium lithiasis and loss of bone mass is safe and effective, curbs lithiasic disease progression, and improves bone mineral density.


  • The authors present a unique cohort (before and after study) of 15 patients with recurrent calcium nephrolithiasis and loss of bone mass treated for three years with 70 mg sodium alendronate weekly.
  • The sample is divided into two groups by sex (5 men and 10 women, aged 35–65 years).
  • The authors assessed clinical progress of both bone and lithiasic disease and urine and plasma markers of both pathologies.


  • The authors obtained a significant decrease in calcuria levels after 3 years of treatment (15.1 vs. 10.1; p=0.01), fasting calcium/creatinine quotient (0.16 vs. 0.10; p=0.002), and β–crosslaps (0.596 vs. 0.501; p=0.01).
  • Moreover, the authors observed a disease stabilization in 14 of the 15 patients (93.3%), and, in all patients, bone mineral density had improved.
  • Neither side effects nor losses of patients were observed after 3 years of treatment.

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