Are Hospitalized Patients With Fragile Fractures Managed Properly in Relation to Underlying Osteoporosis?

JCR: Journal of Clinical Rheumatology, 04/12/2012

Mehrpour SR et al. – The authors believe that the majority of the orthopedic surgeons lacked sufficient training in osteoporosis; therefore, engaging other providers in their healthcare system can create a pathway for the assessment and treatment of osteoporosis, to guarantee the patient the best care.


  • The authors performed a survey of 515 patients with osteoporotic fractures who were admitted to 3 level I trauma hospitals in Tehran, Iran.
  • Patients were evaluated with a questionnaire to determine whether orthopedic surgeons informed their patients about aspects of osteoporosis other than their fracture, and if appropriate, evaluation and treatment for osteoporosis were initiated.
  • The questionnaires were completed in 2 years (mean) from their admissions.


  • Only 10.5% patients reported that they had been told by an orthopedic surgeon that they had osteoporosis.
  • Only 3.3% had bone mineral density appointments.
  • Few had received treatment for osteoporosis–only 8.2% of patients had been treated with calcium and vitamin D, and 3.5% with a bisphosphonate.

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