Alcohol intake and mortality among women with invasive breast cancer
British Journal of Cancer,  Clinical Article

H R Harris et al. –These findings suggest that alcohol intake up to approximately one small drink per day does not negatively impact breast cancer–specific survival and a half drink per day is associated with a decreased risk of mortality from other causes.


  • Investigated whether alcohol intake was associated with survival among 3146 women diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in the Swedish Mammography Cohort
  • Alcohol consumption was estimated using food frequency questionnaire
  • Cox proportional hazard models were used to calculate HRs and 95% CIs


  • From 1987 to 2008 there were 385 breast cancer–specific deaths and 860 total deaths
  • No significant association was observed between alcohol intake and breast cancer–specific survival
  • Women who consumed 10?g per day (corresponding to approximately 0.75 to 1 drinks) or more of alcohol had an adjusted HR (95% CI) of breast cancer–specific death of 1.36 (0.82–2.26;ptrend=0.47) compared with non–drinkers
  • Significant inverse association was observed between alcohol and non–breast cancer deaths
  • Those who consumed 3.4–9.9?g per day of alcohol had a 33% lower risk of death compared with non–drinkers (95% CI 0.50–0.90;ptrend=0.04)

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