E2F4 plays a key role in Burkitt lymphoma tumorigenesis

Leukemia, 05/31/2012

Molina-Privado I et al. – Enforced E2F4 expression in BL cells not only diminishes E2F1 levels, but also reduces selectively the tumorigenic properties and proliferation of BL cells, while increasing their accumulation in G2/M. E2F4 may serve as a target for developing novel and less toxic treatments for sBL.


  • Proteins whose expression or function is deregulated in sBL and play a role in its formation which could facilitate development of less toxic therapies were identified.


  • E2F sites in its promoter fail to repress its transcriptional activity in BL cells and that the transcriptional repressor E2F4 barely interacts with these sites.
  • E2F4 protein levels, but not those of its mRNA, are reduced in sBL cell lines relative to immortal B-cell lines.
  • E2F4 protein expression is also decreased in 24 of 26 sBL tumor samples from patients compared with control tissues.

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